"An unexamined life is one not worth living"

Socrates, in Plato's Apology

Hello There You Beautiful Human

I am Misha-Joy. I am a fellow human on this journey we call ‘life’. I have my own sufferings, too. Yes, even therapists struggle. But on my path I have found some things that have helped me, and maybe they can help you too.

I believe we are made to connect. We relate, therefore we are. We seek this out from the start, and somewhere it gets complicated and hard. Somewhere we disconnect. From our true selves, our bodies, from others, from nature, from our environments. One of the keys to cope with the suffering this path brings is to re-connect.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the lotus only grows in the mud. Let me be there with you in the mud, until you see the lotus open again.

Online & Telephonic Therapy

As the Buddha said, the only consistent thing in this life is inconsistency and change. Hence, we must adapt! Due to the ever-shifting nature of the world we live in today, a need has arisen for alternatives to face to face therapies. While I generally prefer to meet people and “feel” them out, I do believe meaningful work can be done online or even, if necessary, over the phone or messages. With the pandemic in early 2020, an immediate increase in research into online and telephonic therapies was noted. It is generally agreed upon that this form of therapy is useful, effective, and highly necessary in our Global Village. I find it useful myself, as I travel around a lot and still need the consistency of a regular therapist. And yes, I even do yoga/meditation/sound and movement therapies online!

I adhere to guidelines set out by the South African Health Professions Council and most South African medical aids when using these technologies, assuring as best I can the confidentiality and safety of the therapeutic process. Drop me a message to explore what options may work best for your unique circumstances.

When to Seek Help

I believe you will innately or intuitively know when you need to seek help. Something will feel amiss, and despite your best efforts it has not ‘come right’. Simply put, when you can no longer function relationally, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, or at work – you may need some help! Therapy is not only for those struggling with serious mental illness. Therapy can be used by every individual on this earth. We all need help to learn about ourselves and to grow; and we all suffer and struggle.

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, to dealing with depression or anxiety, to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge. A client and therapist may work together for as few as five or six sessions or as long as several years, depending on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy.

Make That Connection

Get in touch and lets begin your journey together.